The History of the Slavic Church in Baltimore.

The history of the Slavic Church in Baltimore is unique. The work began in 1960. It started with six adults and several children gathering together under the leadership of Brother Pavel Bajko. They first started meeting at home and later had the opportunity to rent a facility from a Methodist Church. On January 22, 1961, the Slavic Church of Christ in Baltimore was born and consisted of ten members.

Adam Korenchuk was then invited and began his ministry in June of 1961. He served as the congregation leader, the music director, the choir director, a Sunday school teacher, and the preacher, and later, became the Pastor of the Slavic Church of Christ. The congregation then purchased its first building in November of 1961 which was located on South Broadway street.

On June 13, 1962, the church became incorporated according to the law of the State of Maryland. With the help of the Department of Missions and the leadership of Brother Pavel Bajko, the church started its own radio program. And on the 6th of February in 1964, the first broadcast aired and the Gospel of Christ was proclaimed in the Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian languages. The program continued for 27 years.

In March of 1972 the Congregation of the Slavic Church of Christ purchased the building that we are presently in. All renovations and repairs were completed by the members themselves. The new building was dedicated on May 28, 1972, and ten months later, the church was debt free. 

The Slavic Church of Christ did and still does, serve Christ in many ways and in many countries. The Slavic church of Christ, under the leadership of Brother Pavel Bajko, supported over 15 missionaries located in many different regions and countries such as South America, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, England, and many more.

Since 1970, the Slavic Church of Christ has conducted numerous missionary programs in areas such as Poland, South America, the former USSR, and the United States. So much so that we are currently supporting 15 active missionaries who are continuing the work that was started in their respective areas. To finance these missions and other needs, the church relies upon a consistent incoming monetary fund that is backed by church members and generous givers who firmly believe that giving back to God is a grace and a Christian privilege. Since 1961, donations to missions have increased from $800.00 a year to over $300,000 in 2021.

In the late 80’s, as a result of the fall of the Iron Curtain, immigration to the United States began from the countries of the former Soviet Union. In 1989, the Slavic Church of Christ received its first group of believing immigrants. The church actively assisted in the adaptation of these families in a new country while at the same time preserving their former culture and tradition. The church community hosted and aided over 60 families and many other individuals that have made their way to the States. And many of those individuals then stayed with the church and became a great blessing to the church as a whole.

The Slavic Church of Christ in Baltimore is unique as it consists of a multilingual people group that glorifies God in unity. Every Sunday the Word of God is preached and hymns are sung in the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. The church has even republished a songbook containing hymns in the respective languages. The church choir, youth choir, and children’s choir also sing in different languages. Despite the differences between age groups, languages that the members speak, and backgrounds, with the help of the Lord, the church maintains unity in their faith. 

The surge in immigration during the 1990’s from Eastern Europe contributed greatly to the growth of the church. Sunday School has grown to about 90 students needing around 25 teachers. And as the church grew, ministries and missions both inside and outside the church had to change and expand with it.

The church choir, led by Pastor Adam Ivanovich Korenchuk, in addition to singing at church services has also participated in events in the community. The church also had a band, a brass band, a youth choir, and many groups of vocal ensembles which gave the members opportunity to use their talents to glorify God.

In 2009, the Church began organizing and hosting various Christian camps. Missionary trips were taken to Crimea Ukrain to conduct children’s camps for children from low-income and problematic families. Children’s and youth camps were held at Indian Lake Christian Camp to further the spread of God’s word. All camps and mission trips were sponsored and financed by the Church members.

In 2017 the Congregation of the Church decided to build a new church building and began searching for a new location.

The work began in 1960 with six adults and several children meeting, under the leadership of Bro. Paul Bajko, in a private home and later in rented facilities of a Methodist Church. On January 22, 1961, TEN people became chartered members. Adam J. Korenczuk began his ministry in June of 1961 and has been serving to the present as Pastor, Sunday School teacher, and Choir director. The congregation purchased its first building in October of 1961, located on S. Broadway. This was a big step for a small congregation but the challenge was taken and sacrificial giving retired the debt very quickly.

In June of 1962, the Church became incorporated, according to the laws of the State of Maryland. With the help of the Department of Missions, the church began its own radio program. On February 6, 1964, the first broadcast aired, and the Gospel of Christ was preached for 27 years in Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian alternating on each Sunday. In January 1970, the congregation became totally self-supporting and began supporting different Mission Programs in Poland, South America, and the U.S.A.

Currently, in addition to home ministries, support is given to our 20 missionaries in, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Argentina. To support these and other ministries the church enjoys a sound financial program, firmly believing that giving is a grace and a Christian privilege. In 1971, the building at S. Broadway became too small so the members began searching for more suitable facilities. In March of 1972, the present building was purchased and dedicated on May 28, 1972. The Church became debt free in only TEN months.

The Slavic Church is also unique because of its UNITY. The congregation consists of people of different nationalities: Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Polish, and American. On the Lord’s Day, the Gospel is preached and taught in Russian, English Ukrainian and/or Polish. The congregation reprinted a four-language hymnal, which is also uncommon and is being used in the song service.

On November 29, 1989, the first refugee family, arrived from Riga Latvia via Rome, and following them, the church sponsored many other refugee families and individuals from the former Soviet Union. The church was very instrumental in securing living arrangements, jobs, and facilitated their adaptation to the American way of life. This was the beginning of a new era for the congregation, and now over 20 years later, we continue to thank God for lifting the “iron curtain,” and allowing these many families of sincere believers the opportunity to serve Him, together with us.

The Church has four choirs: the Adult, Youth, Sunday School, and Children’s Choirs. Also, we have a Church Orchestra, Brass Band, Girls, and Instrumental Ensembles. Youth Programs are conducted one Sunday per month and Children’s Programs quarterly. The church enjoys spiritual benefits, from Adult, Youth, and Girls Bible Studies. Celebrating church holidays, the congregation participates in the special programs with poems, vocal, and instrumental solo numbers.

Weekly, in Sunday school classes, lessons are conducted in different languages. 20 workers and 72 pupils each Lord’s Day have Bible classes in the lower premises of
Church. Also, there is a nursery operating for children from 0 to 3 years old. Our youth, in addition to other activities, once a month does a “Good Samaritan” program, visiting Senior Citizens. During the summers assists in summer camps. In 2009 a group of 10 youth and two adults went to the Crimea and helped our Missionary there, with a 2-week Christian summer camp program.

The church was instrumental in sending a sizable donation to sponsor children attending camp. This year, again they are planning the trip. In 2009 the church started its own Summer Camp program, renting the Indian Lake Christian Service Camp facilities. We are planning to continue this program that proved to be so successful. The church throughout its existence, whether on a one-time basis, or continually has helped with the construction of church buildings in the former USSR, and other countries also supported individual Christians, and Christian Organizations worldwide.

Our money helped people who suffered through earthquakes, flooding, fires or other acts of nature. Who can count all those whom the Church has helped? How many prayers, have been offered, how many churches have been encouraged, established, blessed, and inspired? How many believers were united in marriage, baptized, or blessed as they went to be with the Lord?

The Church never turned away anyone who asked for help, physical or spiritual. The Lord keeps a record of whom we helped, as individuals or as a church. Therefore, may the blessings of the Lord fall upon each and everyone, who took part in this blessed labor of Love. “Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory.” (Ps. 115:1)

The History of the First Baptist Church of Kingsville


Born by the Spirit of the Great Commission as a part of the Southern Baptist 30,000 movement involving new church plants.

Prayer meetings began for this new work in Kingsville, in the home of James and Dixie Rodgers on April 28, 1960.

The first meeting place began in IOOF Odd Fellowship Hall located at Upper Falls on June 12, 1960, with 12 present. These meetings were held on Tuesday evenings and were prayer services. Regular Sunday Worship Services began on October 1, 1961. The Old Salem Methodist Church was attained for services on January 7, 1962.

The present eight-acre church site (7128 Sunshine Avenue) was purchased March 5, 1962.

Groundbreaking began August 4, 1963, and two Barracks buildings were acquired from the U.S. Army, and moved to the new church site and renovated and remains at present location. Dedication Service was held on March 15, 1964. The Church was officially constituted on June 19, 1966, with 19 charter members.

The Church is located in Baltimore County; however, it remains in the Susquehanna Baptist Association. It was first sponsored by Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church and later by Oak Grove Baptist Church both of which are located in Harford County and belong to the Susquehanna Baptist Association.

Our present Pastor, Jerry Thompson, has been with the church since January 1983 as a bi-vocational pastor. He worked full-time for the U.S. Army as civilian and retired in April 2004.

русская церковь Балтиморе, в штате Мэриленд, США

On April 8th of 2018, the Slavic Church of Christ merged with the First Baptist Church in Kingsville where a new house of prayer and a youth activities center will be built. The church also changed its name to “Kingsville Baptist Church”.

Currently, as of August of 2022, the Church is in the process of finalizing the design of a new church with the hope that the building will start shortly. The first security deposit comes out to a total of $251,000.

The Church has never turned anyone away who asked for help, physical or spiritual. The Lord keeps a record of whom we helped, as individuals or as a church. Therefore, may the blessings of the Lord fall upon each and every one, who took part in this blessed labor of Love. “Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory.” (Ps. 115:1)

Many of the brothers and sisters who stood at the origins of our church have already departed into eternity, but they will always remain in our memory as a worthy example to follow in the Christian life, faith, and service to our Lord and the spread of the Gospel message.

The life story of our church continues. Generations after generations. Young brothers and sisters who have received water baptism by faith come to the service and devote their strength, time, and talents to serve the Lord. 

Let us thank the Lord that He established our church and set us up to go and bear fruit for His Great Glory and for our joy. Amen.